"The FounderDoctor has helped me experience my entrepreneurial journey not only as the process of building something bigger than myself, but as a deep dive into my own purpose, supporting my creation of a business that is at once practically sustainable and an extension of my deepest values and passions."      - Allison Reitz, CEO & Founder Good Elephant

"I walked away from our conversations feeling confident and empowered - the FounderDoctor offered advice from a place of curiosity and caring, asking questions and allowing me to talk my way through new ideas without feeling overwhelmed. The FounderDoctor also pushed me to dream bigger, to not limit myself when it came to building a business and paying myself." 

Casey Sibley, CEO & Founder Sibley Art + Design

"The FounderDoctor has had such a profound impact on my business. She immediately recognized needs I couldn’t articulate and helped me work through a visioning session that provided clarity in how I wanted to run my business.  This clarity has helped me ignore “noise” and stay true to myself, moving my business forward.  Her expertise is invaluable and I come away from each session feeling inspired and supported."
-Jessica Patterson, CEO Jeanie Clip

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