The Landscape

Women’s Economic Empowerment, Financial Inclusion, and Gender Lens Investing are all used interchangeably to try and name the worldwide movement that is creating a paradigm shift by bridging the gap between gender and finance. The newly inheriting are beginning to demand answers from systems that are unsustainable, inefficient, top-heavy, and bettering for a few at the expense of many. Rothstein Kass (2009) found that 86% of heirs in global family offices intended to fire their parents’ investment advisors once they inherited their wealth, most citing lack of values alignment. This paradigm shift is about sustainable economics, impact, inclusive leadership, and large-scale systems change. Alternative financial mechanisms are being developed, new business models are being chartered, new terminology is being defined, and new goals are being declared—return must be synonymous with sustainability, integration, harmony, and interconnectivity. All of the thought leadership, development work, and stories of success and failure in this movement have been housed (if at all) in small silos around the world with limited outreach, and little to no cross-industry connection, until now....


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