Audacity Institute offers training and education opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, system change agents, and more.  Below is a list of our current offerings.  


Education sessions are limited in size to encourage open dialogue and opportunities for connection, which means they tend to sell out.  If your class is full or is not offered at a time you can attend, please register to be notified of upcoming class dates and times. 



We are currently navigating unprecedented times - social distancing, quarantine, and essential or non-essential business are suddenly the new language of our times.


With this comes uncertainty and business decisions.  

Join us as we discuss what you need to innovate and thrive.


Workshop limited to 15 people.  Online Interactive.     $49

This topic will be explored in a virtual interactive 3-hour workshop hosted over 2 days.

Day 1: 90-minute workshop on Navigating the Possibility of Failure

This guided facilitation will help you get out of your head and into your heart to determine next steps for your business.

  • Explore the fear and anxiety that we feel around the possibility of business failure

  • Allow yourself to feel the community struggle to better understand where the pain points are

  • Dive deeper to face the fear that the most audacious choice may be to close your business


Day 2: 90-minute workshop on Crisis As a Catalyst for Innovation

Now that we have let go of paralyzing fear, we have space to allow what’s next to unfold:

  • Get curious about what the world needs NOW that YOU can provide

  • Explore what your business can bring during a time of crises

  • Discover and strategize around timing; when is the right time to bring whatever is needed into the world we serve?



This workshop is for dreamers and doers with business ideas as well as entrepreneurs with established businesses of all corporate structures (Sole Proprietor, LLC, C Corp, B Corp, non profit).

Starting and growing a business is hard, and finding money to fulfill your potential seems even harder.  Join us as we explore common questions surrounding funding from the educational to the personal.


Workshop size limited.  Online Interactive or In-Person.  $129 

During this interactive 3-hour workshop we will explore options available for funding a business, guide you through the critical first steps to creating a funding plan for your long-term success, and talk through your questions and concerns surrounding raising money while female.  

At the end of this workshop you will walk away with:

  1. In-depth understanding of the 7 different funding strategies and pros and cons of each

  2. Your ideal investor avatar 

  3. Actionable first steps for creating a funding strategy to complement your long-term business goals


8-week training series conducted using a cohort model to build community and support among participants.

Ideal for individuals passionate about supporting local businesses who haven't yet made their first investment.

Open to all individuals interested in learning about start-up investing.  You do not need to be an accredited investor to participate.

Workshop size limited.  Online Interactive or In-Person.   $995



  1. Defining Yourself as an Investor - creating an investment strategy based on values, money & meaning

  2. Impact & Start-ups  – understanding the start-up journey and the impact of investment dollar

  3. Putting on Wings - start-up (angel) investing overview – the risks, rewards, and process

  4. Nice to Meet You – how to find opportunities from high-tech to Main Street, assessing founder potential, the pitch process and etiquette

  5. Creating a Decision Framework  - due diligence process: checklists by stage, how to review financial information, how to analyze documents

  6. Unicorns, Zebras, and Sharks – intro to business models, investment approaches and investor roles

  7. Let’s Make a Deal – understanding term sheets and investment agreements

  8. In this Together – the start-up investing landscape, fund structures, syndicates, sidecars, SPVs, crowdfunding platforms


12-week course ending in certification.  


FounderDoctor's get founders out of their heads and into their hearts to build the company they wish to build.  This relationship is one of compassion and support gently reminding founders that they have the personal strength to bring what they are meant to bring to the world.


FounderDoctors are not mentors or coaches rather they are present to support the founder through the seven phases of the founder mindset. 

Online Interactive. $2995



  • Visioning - understanding your role in supporting entrepreneurs

  • Diversity & Inclusion  – understanding what these words mean in today's business environment and how to work with founders navigating our current system while female, black and/or brown.

  • Seven Phases of the Founder Mindset

  • Tools for Founder Growth

  • Practicum

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